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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Rocky road ice cream slice (Egg less)

Rocky road ice cream is something very dear to me,I grew up eating this and till date I find it really hard to resist this slice. There is a very famous ice cream parlor in my native and it serves the best ice cream in the town.Amongst various national and international branded ice creams available,we find our self reaching to little space when we really crave ice cream.Here our absolute favorite is rocky road,not to confuse with the famous rocky road ice cream with chocolate and marshmallows,this is an in house rocky road slice where a very tasty vanilla ice cream is mixed with loads of nuts,butterscotch chips and tutti fruity.One spoon and you are sure to be in culinary heaven :). I was very much interested in trying this at home and when I set out to find recipes all I could get was only recipes for traditional rock road ice cream. So I decided to use my no cook vanilla ice cream recipe which I had saved from a magazine and add nuts to it. I really had no hopes that it would turn out well but it worked! Not only it was tasty,it tasted almost the same as we used to get in that shop.I was literally jumping when I tasted it and I kept on eating spoon after spoon during every churn :). First I was little apprehensive to use uncooked cream but I wanted to try at the least so went ahead and made it :). You can make it either as a slice or scoop out as ice cream,I made it into slice,just the way we used to eat :). Go ahead and make some of this non fussy ice cream which doesn't require an ice cream maker and you will be surprised by the taste and creaminess of this ice cream for such a simple recipe :)

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Mango vanilla milkshake

Let's talk weather :) I am not much of a television seer,even when it comes to news I prefer reading newspapers and magazines to keep me updated,with that said yesterday or day before that news was going in a Tamil channel and they were giving reports.I was really shocked to see the roar of temperature in all cities in Tamilnadu.Chennai marked 92F which is supposed to be the lowest :P. Many cities have crossed 100F and I can only imagine what it would be like in those places,and yeah we are just in the mid April and the supposedly real summer is on May!We can't do much competing with nature,we can just be air conditioned room which is also not very healthy especially for your skin.All we can do is to again depend up on nature and keep ourselves,cool,hydrated and  fresh with all those summer special fruits.When I say summer special fruits,do I need to mention mango comes first?I am the one obsessed with mango at home,though I prefer devouring it as such,sometimes I have to make something fancy out of it to sell it at home :),especially the mangoes which I bought last week were not at all sweet I made a milkshake with one mango and lassi with the other one next day.I have already blogged about my standard milkshake recipe here and this time I wanted a twist.With loads of vanilla beans in my refrigerate,I find myself using them in all possible sweets,cakes and desserts. This milkshake is one keeper recipe with a win win combo,mango and vanilla go hand in hand and made an elegant dessert after dinner.I never add ice cream to mango milk shake,we like to savor the drink with mango flavor dominating,you can always a scoop of vanilla or mango ice cream if you need to,here is how to make mango-vanilla milkshake.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Calzone pocket (Pizza pocket)

Has anyone of you tried a calzone pocket available in most pizza joints. I have seen this on menu in dominos many times but somehow never tried there because I was not sure what to except. Once I read somewhere a calzone pocket is just like a stuffed and folded pizza,so I thought of trying it at home with my usual pizza dough.I just referred wiki and got an idea before attempting and this calzone pocket turned out to be one of best trial in the recent days.It is a very easy dish to put together but turns put to so very spongy and well textured bread filled with any veggies of your choice with or with out cheese.I of course loaded mine with cheese :). Try this recipe with your favorite pizza dough or just with this recipe and you are gonna love it.The filling I have used here is a very basic quick stir fry of my favorite veggies and you can totally be creative with filling.I would describe this more as a method of making calzone rather than calling a recipe,lets dig in :)

Monday, 14 April 2014

Mangai pachadi-Raw mango pachadi

Manga pachadi is a sweet sour jam kind of dish cooked with raw mango and jaggery. It is a significant dish cooked on Tamil new year's day,as it depicts life in the form of food.As I told in this post,this pachadi is cooked with a small amount of neem flower,so that it contains all the six tastes of life-sweet,sour,saline,salt,bitter and spice.Now is that not a great way to start a new year,I always wonder how clever and thoughtful our ancestors had been choosing the right way of doing things on all occasions.  If you are not observing Tamil new year or making this on normal days,you can avoid neem leaves.Today I prepared this pachadi as a part of offering and blogging it here as it would be apt to do this today.Now there are many ways of doing this pachadi.In many places mangoes are boiled and then mixed with jaggery and cooked,but as always I have taken the short route with my beloved pressure cooker. Pressure cooker really makes life easy,I tell you.By making this pachadi in  pressure cooker you can do 3 steps in one and just do the tempering part at the last,sounds fun and easy right,read on and yeah,happy new year once again :)

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Tamil new year-celebration and recipe collection

I wish all my dear readers are very happy and prosperous Tamil new year!

Tamil new year day marks the start of a new year according to Tamil calendar. Chithirai is the first month in Tamil calendar and day 1 of the month chithirai is celebrated as Tamil new year. One interesting aspect of Tamil years is that they have names,there are 60 recurring years with different names and the tomorrow marks the start of the year"Jaya". The current year is "Vijaya". There are a lot of rituals followed on this new year which may differ from home to home,here I am trying narrate the most common ones.The Tamil new year falls on 14th of April every year along with Vishu,Malayalam new year.In some places I have seen people arrange all kind of fruits,veggies,flowers,rice and money in a tray along with thamboolam(betel leaves) and place a mirror in front of it on the eve of Tamil new year.Next day that is on the new year's day,every one in the home wakes up to that tray and sees the mirror first,it is believed that this would bring prosperity the entire year.As with all festivals we take bath and wear new dress ( not a must but always a joy right :) ) and offer prayers to God along with festive spread.Then blessings are taken from elders and get handful of money in return :). Special poojai and prayers will be done in temples and there will be a temple car festival in many temples during this month.Then comes the big part,yes the feast :) It would be a full fledged south Indian meal served on a fresh full banana leaf (Thala vazhai elai). The most important dish is manga pachadi,a sweet-sour dish made with raw mango.This has a strong significance,this depicts that life is of all the six tastes,sweet-jaggary,sour-tamarind,bitter-neem leaves,salt-salt,spicy and hot-chilli and pungent raw mango.With this said there are also few more recipes and Here I have presented the collection of recipes cooked on Tamil new year's day (those I have blogged till date)
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