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Monday, 28 July 2014

Crispy okra fry recipe| Okra fry with gram flour recipe | Besanwali bhindi recipe

Besanwali bhindi is a simple dry curry with okra,where besan(gram flour) is used to make okra crispy.This is a very simple yet tasty one that even okra haters will be coming back for more :)yeah,the day when I made this we literally had to raise the voice for each one's share :).I saw this recipe in one tv show in khana khazana channel and I immediately book marked( in mind ) to try. In this recipe,okra is cut vertically and sauteed with gram flour until it turns light and crisp.I adapted the idea of adding gram flour,but the recipe here is pretty much south Indian way with all mustard and urad dal tempering.Perfect with any south Indian meal.Is that okra slime is what you detest the vegetable for,it is very easy to remove the slime but be aware that the sliminess in okra is really good for you,still if you want to remove the slime,I have mentioned a method to do that.One more key to get perfectly crisp and light okra fry is that you need to maintain low flame through out cooking,it is generally said that yo need to keep sauteing but we don't do that.We just cook in low flame and saute very gently just 3 or 4 times until they turn crispy.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Baby corn roast recipe | Baby corn crispy fry recipe | How to make crispy baby corn fry

Crispy baby corn fry that requires no deep frying...sound perfect right,yeah this is indeed a perfect recipe for you if you like crispy roasted veggies minus oil.We had this recipe in a restaurant and I really liked the way they served it. Marinated baby corns shallow fried until crisp,served with crushed kasuri methi and pepper powder,it was so tasty and light.In many places when we order for dry starter,they are little soggy with some kind of sauces or oil and not really dry,but these roasted baby corns were really dry and crispy from outside and the baby corns were perfectly cooked and soft from inside.I was kind of able to guess the ingredients,so I just tried it out last week and they were awesome.I did not use any chaat masala while marinating as I made this for side dish and not as a starter. If you are making as a starter,I have mentioned few flavor combinations in the notes,now over to recipe :)

Friday, 25 July 2014

10 easy and tasty recipes with bread | Easy bread recipes | bread recipe collection

If there is one ingredient I like to play with in kitchen that is not much Indian,it has to be bread.It is really amusing to see how much, bread has become vital in  Indian kitchen these days.It is really versatile and one can be rest assured that there is something to eat when ever you are hungry if you have bread in hand.I always have bread handy,mostly wheat or multi grain bread and I also use white bread occasionally especially for desserts.Here I have complied 10 easy and tasty recipes that you can create with bread,a good change from normal bread-butter-jam.Hope you all will like and try these,do let me know if you have any other suggestions or ideas :)

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Veg momos recipe | How to make veg momos | How to make steamed veg momos recipe

Veg momos is something I have often heard of never got a chance to taste,well until I made in my kitchen :). I saw a simple recipe for this veg momo in a small booklet of a magazine and I kept it safe as I wanted to try.That recipe finally saw the day of light after nearly an year,yeah I had taken me that long :). Momo is a kind of dumpling with/without filling.You can read more about momos here.What I am presenting here may not be authentic way of making it,I may have mised out few ingredients but what I can assure is these are EXCELLENT. Yes,I have written them bold intentionally,these are something that you should not miss,very very tasty treat for you and your little ones too,they will surely enjoy this.These momos are sort of healthy too leaving out that  maida,these are full of veggies and steamed,only concern here is maida but that too I guess we can replace with wheat flour.As I tried for the first time I wanted to stick to the recipe.But as for as filling I have made quiet a few changes,I have leaved out soy sauce and hot sauce as I don't stock them,I have used tomato puree instead of sauces.I have not shaped it very perfectly,though the procedure is simple,I guess I need some practice :). Altogether this recipe took some 40 minutes for me and the taste was just wonderful,all the momos were gone in no time,a must try one.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Murungakai vatha kuzhambu recipe | How to make murungakai(drum stick) vatha kuzhambu

Murungakai vatha kuzhambu-drumstick vatha kuzhambu is a yet another classic authentic recipe from Tamilnadu. My favorite dish from Tamil cuisine is vatha kuzhambu,without a second thought.I can survive on this,there are so many types of vatha kuzhambu and I am the one who loves all the varieties. Though I do not like drum stick very much,I just love the flavor it imparts to this kuzhambu along with pearl onions.Very easy to make during rushed hours,this kuzhambu stays good for long time even at room temperature and tastes wonderful with steamed rice and sesame oil.Have you ever eaten curd rice with vatha kuzhambu as side dish,if not try once to know what I mean,incomparable combo :). Here I am adding one more recipe to the collection of kuzhambu recipes here,drum stick vatha kuzhambu
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