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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Vada pao/pav recipe | how to make vada pao

Here I present before you all my very own vada pao-yeah completely homemade,when you deconstruct vada pao-popular food across the streets of India,you get pav bun-Indian dinner rolls,batata vada-batter ried mashed potatoes along with some tongue ticking sweet and sour chutneys/dip and I made all these at home,I kind of feel accomplished :). Remember my homemade pav,which was a super hit both at my home and here,the day when I first baked pav bun I actually wanted to try vada pav or pav bhaji but that batch was gone in a whim and I baked a batch exclusively for making vada pav,yeah I was kind of determined :).  So the day I planned to make vada pav,I kneaded the dough and left it for rising before I begin with breakfast preparations.By the time of lunch,I had baked the buns and prepared the chutneys too.As I had planned this for snacks,I made the batata vada just before serving,so that we could enjoy vada pao piping hot,the way it should be eaten.It was not really difficult to assemble this at home,with little planning and having the ingredients handy you can make an all time favorite street food at home easily.This post will tell you how to assemble vada pao and recipes for sweet and green chutney as I have already blogged pav and batata vada recipes.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Easy milk peda/dhoodh peda/paal peda recipe | How to make milk peda with condensed milk -Easy method

Of all the sweets and desserts available, I am one big fan of milk sweets.I just love kolkata sweets like rasgulla,rasmalai and my other favorites are kalakand,burfi,pal kova etc.This milk peda also known as dhoodh peda,paal peda is my all time favorite sweet.I can go on and on with these,if one would stop me or come for share :). I had a tin of condensed milk sitting in fridge for a while and I wanted to make something with it,first I was thinking about a cake then suddenly I started craving this peda,I had this recipe written in my notes and thought of giving it a go. I had made this few times before but somehow I was really not satisfied to share it here.One time the color of the peda was little dark and next time it was very dry,though the taste was great.So this time I tweaked the recipe and was really satisfied with the result,I just loved the color,texture and taste of these pedas.I assure you if you follow the below mentioned measurements your pedas will also turn out with same color and texture,I made around 16 pedas and it was all gone in one day :)Here I have added cardamom for flavor,you can add saffron,nutmeg or any combination as you like and same is for garnishing,I have used roasted crushed nuts,you can use raisins or completely skip garnishing too.The authentic way of making pedas calls for preparation of khoya that takes considerable time,so here is the easiest way of preparing milk peda for you all,lovely sweet fits for any occasion :)

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Aloo methi pulao recipe | how to make pulao with potato and methi leaves

Today I am blogging about a very quick,flavorful and healthy pulao.This is something so versatile,you can make this in a whim it fits for any elaborate meal and also for packing in lunch box.Tastes great when it is hot,but wait pack it for your lunch,give sometime for flavors to mingle and it is even more tasty.Yeah not to forget the lovely aroma of methi leaves that wafts the entire home while cooking,lovely!The recipe is by far simple,you just have to saute boiled potatoes and methi leaves with few spices and mix with cooked basmati rice.That's it,no grinding involved here.I love such simple recipes,if I can put up a meal which is tasty,healthy and also takes less than 30 minutes to prepare,whats not there to like it right .Here is the quick recipe,hope you all will like it :)

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Mango almond milkshake recipe | how to make mango almond milkshake


This mango almond milkshake was born in a whim that turned out to be brilliant.Seriously,never knew mango and almond would be such a great pair.The other day after making this cherry cake,I had some almond flakes and vanilla sugar left over and I thought of making some drink and thus this milkshake was born :). The taste and flavor of luscious mangoes along with the earth flavor and texture of almonds was so tasty,not to miss the fragrance of vanilla which added to the taste.Very very simple to make yummy coolant for hot days.You can use any kind of mango,but one with more flesh and less fiber is preferred. I have used almond flakes here,you can just use raw almonds or if you want a smooth texture,soak almonds in milk and peel them before grinding.In most of the recipes that call for almond I use them with skin to retain the nutrition and also we like to almonds with skin.If you do not have vanilla sugar or bean you can add a drop of essence or leave it out and opt for cardamom powder. Here is the simple recipe to prepare mango almond milkshake.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Kachumber (cucumber,onion,tomato salad) recipe | how to make kachumber

Kachumber is the Indian salad with cucumber,tomato and onion essentially.This is the basic salad recipe served mostly in any restaurant alongside any spicy meal. Cucumber,onion and tomatoes make up this salad along with optional ingredients like cilantro,lemon and finally tossed up with some lemn juice.I love this salad so much that I can have this alone as a meal :). When ever I make this I prepare a large quantity,we love this in our home.Super quick and simple to put together,very crunchy and refreshment in every spoonful,a must try recipe with any spicy Indian meal.Though it is mostly served with north Indian dishes,it absolutely tastes great even with sambar rice or any variety rice too.Try having this with dal rice,yum combo it is :)
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